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Cloud Web Hosting Definition

Cloud hosting is a quite popular expression these days. Nevertheless, only a few know what it does indeed represent. Most of the web hosting traders speculate eagerly about plans branded as being 'cloud hosting'. Particularly the cPanel website hosting and cPanel reseller hosting companies. Due to the complete absence of original business views, the cPanel web hosts are simply utilizing fashionable terms, attempting to entice more hosting clients with dodgy marketing methods.

cPanel - a one server website hosting solution

In short, cPanel is a one server website hosting platform. One single server serves all website hosting services at one and the same time. On the other hand, the cloud hosting platform necessitates each different web hosting service, like web space, mail, FTP, databases, DNS, stats, website hosting Control Panel, backup, etc. to be served by separate bunches of very advanced servers in a cluster. All the clusters construct the so called 'cloud'. With cPanel, the aforestated hosting services are all being served concurrently by one server. This means that no 'clouds' can be seen around cPanel-based web hosting providers. Not even one single cloud...

The huge marketing fraud with cloud hosting services

Watch out for the multiple bogus allegations promising you 'cloud hosting' services, mostly spread by cPanel hosting providers. When a cPanel website hosting corporation haughtily insists that a 'cloud' website hosting solution is being proffered, check if it's not a mist or a fog to begin with. Nearly everybody speculates with the word 'cloud', eventually relying on the fact that most of the customers do not understand what it does in fact mean.

Let's be more optimistic and get back to the actual cloud hosting services.

Hepsia - a cloud hosting Control Panel platform

Hepsia is a cutting-edge cloud hosting solution coupled with a feature-rich easy-to-work-with web hosting Control Panel. Both, the cloud hosting solution and the complementary hosting CP are developed by ResellersPanel.com - a five-star hosting reseller wholesaler from year 2003. Sadly, it's a truly uncommon phenomenon to discover a web hosting merchant distributing a cloud website hosting platform on the marketplace. For unfamiliar reasons, Google prefers cPanel-based web hosting merchandisers chiefly. This is why we think it's commendable for those who require a web hosting platform to know a little bit more about the Hepsia cloud web hosting solution.

Hepsia - the multi-server cloud hosting solution

Each website hosting service drop in Hepsia's 'cloud' is tackled by an individual stack of web servers, dedicated only to the specific service at hand, sharing out the load produced. Thus, the website hosting Control Panel is being tackled by one single host of servers, which serve the hosting CP only and nothing else. There is another cluster of servers for the electronic mail, one more for the disk storage, another for the backup, one more for the statistics, another for the MySQL databases, one more for the PostgreSQL databases, and so on. All these packs of web servers run as one complete hosting service, the so-called 'cloud hosting' service.

Cloud hosting services with LIGHT Cloud Hosting

We have picked Hepsia as our main web hosting platform, so that we can provide high-end cloud hosting services to our customers. All of our hosting offers comes with the Hepsia web hosting CP and all of it's free bonuses. But don't take our word for it, you can go find out for yourself in the control panel demo.